Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sunny Day

Today was a nice day so I did some work at the boat.

First thing I did was to replace the battery switch. It went pretty good. One cable seemed to be slightly short so it was difficult to reach the connection. Because of how the cables were connected, it ended up being mounted upside down. It still seems to work fine as it is.

The other day, I bought a couple batteries from Sams Club, both marine AGM. One was a Group 31 replacing the 31 I took off for the house battery. The starting battery I got is a Group 34 replacing a Group 24. The old battery box was broken so I replaced that too.

Here's the house battery.

The battery fit well in the battery box I found.

I mounted the strap to tie it down just inside the compartment.

Everything went together quite well. Here everything is strapped down nicely. With the space inside this compartment, I could probably add a second battery but I'll just stick with one right now.

I started taking things back to the boat to empty out the house. I took the cusions, sails and a few other things.

Another thing I was working on is figuring out the electric bilge pump. I thought the cable had slipped off. I lifted the wood the pump was mounted on to check and saw that the output was broken off and still in the hose. I'm thinking to order a new bilge pump. Then, I can put a more flexible hose on the end so it will not break again. The hose heading to the through-hull is very stiff.


  1. Just a suggestion: You might want to put some wooden strips on the deck around the battery box to keep it from sliding at all. Batteries are really heavy and that thru-hull looks mighty vulnerable to me.

    1. The house batter does have wood pieces to keep it from shifting around. Good idea to do the same with the starting battery. Don't want to mess up the thru-hull.