Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mast Hardware Removed

A video update this time. I removed the rest of the mast hardware today, except for a couple things. Those will be easy to remove, which is seen in the video.

The mast is currently painted so I'll sand it down to bare metal and then it'll be ready to send off to a shop for a paint job.

In other non-boat related news...

The last few days have been a bit...         Interesting.

Woke up last Saturday morning to the sound of pounding at the front door. Opened the door to be greeted by three police officers asking me about my truck. Turns out, there was a hit and run some time during the night. Front driver side bumper was smashed in. Part of the bumper pressed into the tire too and not able to be driven. My truck was hit hard enough, there was skid marks from the tires two feet long.

most of the debris was from the other vehicle

Funny thing, to me at least, the other car didn't "run" very far. Just up the road a bit, still within sight of the truck, also parked on the side road by the neighborhood, it was obvious who did it. Front driver side front end smashed in, airbag deployed, bumper falling off, and isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

It's nice having a good strong truck. Insurance is taking care of my truck and it has already been towed off to the body shop for repairs.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


It's been getting pretty hot lately. Even on the boat with the AC unit I installed, it still gets a little toasty.

I saw another Nor'sea owner install insulating material on his boat. I've also talked to others who have done the same. Went to the local Home Depot and picked up some Reflectix reflective insulation.

Just putting my hand against the hull early this morning, I could feel quite a bit of heat. Direct sunlight on the boat hull can still warm things up, even with AC.

I was able to easily cut the insulation and place it against the hull. Near the chainplates, I was able to get a couple layers. Other areas forward of the chainplates, I was able to squeeze in a third layer. I can still feel a little heat coming through but certainly better than going without. Better still when the wood slats are back in place.

This could be something to consider in keeping your boat cooler in these hotter temperatures.

Thanks for stopping by.