Spring Launch List

 In order to launch, I need to do this: (in no particular order)

1. Finish Fuel tank
    a. need to install a fitting for venting
    b. install hoses to engine

2. Reinstall Engine
    a. install water lift muffler/exhaust hoses
    c. install new stuffing box hose
    d. install one more seacock & backing plate
    e. redo cockpit drain hoses (a couple need redone to get two hose clamps on seacock)
    f. new hose clamps as needed
    g. cutlass bearing
    h. mount air filter
     i. mount raw water strainer

3. Mast refurbish
    a. prep mast step
    b. raise mast

4. Bottom Job
    a. remove old bottom paint
    b. fix low spots / fill with epoxy (including rudder, currently at the house)
    c. paint barrier coat
    d. bottom paint
    e. paint more on red stripe
    f. reapply new name / home port decals to hull
    g. refinish (sand/wax) gelcoat

5. Bilge pumps:
    a. auto bilge pump
    b. service manual bilge pump, if I can get the thing out

6. Insurance claim from fallen tree:
   a. Fix wood trim and toe rail
   b. Fix stern rail
   c. Buy replacement Monitor wind vane
   d. Install new Monitor wind vane 

These things can wait until launched:

1. Attach Anchor Chain in Chain Locker

2. Rebed deck/cockpit hardware (cleats, winches)

3. Attach Airhead Base and Vent Hose

4. Service Winches (clean, grease/oil)

5. Install SmartPlug shore power plug

5. To get after launching:
    a. Safety (Horn, PFDs, Flares, Med kit)
    b. Solar
    c. Dinghy
    d. Paint Interior Compartments
    e. Update cabin cushions (have fabric already)
    f. Update exterior Canvas
    g. Cockpit foot-well grate and cockpit cushions
    h. Electronics Upgrade (chartplotter[OpenCPN for now], AIS, handheld GPS/VHF)
    i. Foul Weather Gear (for heavy weather).

Hope to launch some day this year. But as previous plans have gone, we'll have to wait and see. She's ready when she's ready.

When getting ready to, or after, launch I'd like to get an updated survey.

updated: 30 June 2019

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