Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hayn Hi-Mod

The order I made for my standing rigging came in today. I went to the store and got some supplies in preparation for getting things ready. First thing I got was some wood, bolts, a hacksaw and some Loctite Blue 242. I was going to go with Sta-Lok fittings but a few people suggested Hi-Mod fittings instead so I thought I would give them a try.

First thing I wanted to do was make a cutting guide for the wire.

Here, I started with everything layed out.

I had one of the workers at the hardware store cut the wood into 6" long pieces (4 pieces). I got a drill guide (bar with all the holes) to help keep the holes straight. The clamp worked out too to keep everything in place on the deck railing.

Everything went together pretty good. For the bolts, I used a washer on each end and one in the middle to keep some space for the hacksaw to get through.

The wire fit the hole I drilled. It was a tight fit but it worked out and I got a nice clean even cut on the wire.

I found this video on YouTube about how to put the Hayn Hi-Mod connectors on the wire.

Everything really did go together pretty easy. The following pictures show how it looked myself.

Not really all that different from the video. After assembly, I took apart and added a little bit of loctite to the threads and reassembled. The instructions do say to tighten everything but not too tight. I'm not sure what too tight is but I did them as tight as I could by hand. The one wrench I have is able to fit on the outter piece but nothing to hold onto the part on the wire end to try tightening any more. This piece I did is for a shroud. Now I have more wires to make. It really is easier than I expected.

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