Thursday, April 5, 2012


In preparation for working on Rhapsody, I ordered some supplies that looked to be useful. Some things came in today

So far, I have:

BoatLife Calk. 4 tubes because I didn't know how much I would actually need/use.
Sandpaper of various grit, 100, 220, 400, 600 and I ordered others just in case.
Box of 48 foam brushes.
Epiphanes varnish.
Can of Dolfinite, white.
Two each of measuring containers and strainers.

The measuring containers, strainers and varnish was part of a varnish kit from Jamestown Distributors.

I think I have something else on its way but I might be off to a good start with this.

I might need something to strip the finish off the exterior teak while I get ready to redo it. From what I've read, it might not be a good idea to undo the deck hardware for refinishing the teak. Actually, the main thing that's mounted on teak is a big cleat at the bow, the bow pulpit on the bowsprit, and genoa track on the outer rail.

I'll see what to work with once I spend more time on Rhapsody. Right now I'm on my vacation time so when I get back to work in a few weeks, I'll probably be spending time on the weekends, so long as I am caught up on college classes and I don't end up traveling out of town.

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