Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I was looking over the rigging and thinking about whether to use it or not. Looking it over, I see there is some rust by the swage terminals. On the line that the roller furling is on, there is a connector that has a crack. Right now, I'm thinking to replace all the standing rigging. Not only because of the rust but also not knowing how old it is, it's likely due for a change anyway. It would be good to replace for peace of mind.

If you click on the picture to see a larger view, you'll see a long crack running through the "4" and another smaller crack under the "E". I read somewhere that turnbuckles can still be good so long as nothing wrong shows up. I only looked for a moment but they looked good so I may still be able to use them.

I read that the Nor'sea 27 uses 1x19 wire sized 7/32". The line the rolling furling is on looks like 1/4". I'm expecting to replace the wire and use Sta-Lok fittings. I like to think I'm a handy guy. I found this site on Installing Sta-Lok Fittings that looks pretty good and clearly explained. Since I'll be replacing the standing rigging, I'm going to assume that the running rigging will need replacing too. Again, for peace of mind.

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