Sunday, May 12, 2019

A Little Bit of Sailing

This weekend was good. I went to the boat, but instead of getting to work on the bilge pump setup, I decided to take my dinghy out on the water. I've had the dinghy for awhile now, but only used it one time. That one time was to row to a liveaboards boat and help apply new name decals.

This time, decided to rig up the two piece mast. There was absolutely no wind when I dropped the boat in but thought I'd go see if I could find some. Slight breeze started and thought I'd give the sail a try. Had to hook up the boom, sail and lines while floating around. But once all setup, I had enough wind to move the boat a little.

I asked a friend of he was coming out to his boat and he invited me to go along with him and his other friend on his Shannon 28. Been awhile since I sailed so I said sure. Rowed over to his slip at the nearby marina and off we went.

Really enjoyed the time sailing in his boat too. I feel like I needed that motivation to get my boat ready to go too.

After the sail, I rowed back to my marina, lifted the boat out of the water and into the dinghy storage. All the other stuff for the dinghy I stored back on my boat. I looked around at some of the work I need to do but it was about time I headed back to the house.

Great day and fun to get out on the water again. Ready for the next visit to get to work.

Ready to go

No wind at first

Motoring out on the Shannon 28

Back on land at the end of the trip.