Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bleeding the Engine

Today was a pretty good day. I originally didn't plan on going to the boat but it was such a nice day I went anyway during lunch. Last time I was at the boat, I was working on getting the engine started but it wouldn't work. Last time it ran was when I winterized it. I looked up some info and received lots of advice about needing to learn how to bleed air out of the engine. I read up in the manual and gave it a try.

These are the videos showing what I was doing. Kind of a Part I and Part II. I explain a little what I did to get it working. I'm happy to say that it now seems to be working for now. Since I bought the boat, I haven't looked at the impeller so I decided to go ahead and pull that out. While doing that, I tore a small piece off and now need to replace it. I'll try going to the West Marine that's an hour away and see if they have something I can use.

Hopefully some of the info can be useful to others. I learned something so it wasn't a wasted day.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Raw Water Seacock, Installed!

Instead of going through several posts for each step along the way, I decided to make a post for the project as a whole. After seeing a loose thru-hull, I went ahead and worked on getting it replaced. Certainly don't want to sink the boat as soon as it gets in the water.