Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Bilge Pump - Relook

Looking in the bilge again. The auto pump setup is attached to a piece of wood I wanted to replace with a plastic one. I also thought to replace the float switch that activates the alarm as the plastic housing broke. Looking it all over, maybe a couple other things could be worked on too. At the bottom, it looked like there's another float switch, maybe used to activate the pump.

The wiring goes to a little box at the top of the wood piece then down to the float switches and pump. I found out it's just a relay. Maybe there's a way to simplify the setup and remove the relay.

The manual bilge pump isn't really useable now either. I started taking it apart to replace the gaskets but the screws holding the flappers inside it won't budge and will need some more work.


Bottom float switch went to alarm.
Bigger one was at the bottom of the wood.

Bottom of the bigger switch

Alarm float switch

Down inside the bilge.

Did a quick look online at float switches. They can get expensive. Will research more in the meantime. Best to have at least one working bilge pump if I ever get to launch the boat again.

I recently put in a new cutlass bearing. I think there was only one length for the size I needed and found out this one is sticking out a little. May need to redo this, but maybe it could still work. I don't know yet.