Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Another Year - Refit Continues

Not much of an update. Cold weather, rainy weather, it all slows things down.

I recently finished installing the second solar panel and associated wiring. I really like how it all turned out. I like that I can now keep the batteries happy even while I'm not there. I'm glad I decided to do this now than wait until the boat was closer to launching.

These combine the two 100W panels

Setting up the MC4 connectors on those wires were pretty straight forward. A couple times I had to watch out that I had all parts in place before fastening everything together. Once, I almost forgot to run the wire through one of the cable pass-through fittings.

Recently got a couple junction boxes for the boat. One will be used for the trailer. I'll need to rewire it whenever I get around to replacing the brakes.

The other junction box was setup for the wiring that will go to the mast. When the mast goes up, I'll be able to hook up the wires to the junction box. Should be easy enough to do when the time comes. I got connectors on the wires, then started flipping breakers to see what the wires went to. I also got connectors on the wires on the mast itself. There's no connector on the RF line yet and may wait for the mast to be up. Not sure when that'll happen.

sorting connectors for trailer plug