Monday, October 7, 2019

Trailer Brakes

Recently replaced the brakes on the trailer. Old brakes were hydraulic surge brakes. What that means is the brakes activate when the tow vehicle stops, and the weight of the trailer pushes into the actuator at the tongue.

New brakes are electric. In this case, when the tow vehicle starts to stop, it activates the electric brakes right away and helps slow the tow vehicle down.

Installing the new brakes took a couple visits to the marina. First visit, I got 4 of them on, then the following week, I got the last two on.

28 Sep 2019:

I drilled/tapped into the trailer frame to mount a junction box and a breakaway kit. The breakaway kit is a battery that is supposed to activate the brakes to prevent a runaway trailer if it comes off the tow vehicle. I used blue Loctite on the threads mounting both pieces. I used smaller bolts on the breakaway battery box. When I used the tap to cut the threads in the first hole, it snapped. Took a while but I got the broken piece out. I went to the store to get a replacement and finished that hole and made another one, going slower to prevent another break.

showing placement of junction box and breakaway kit

barely enough to hold on to for removal...

...but I eventually got it out

covered wires until I can get to it

5 Oct 2019:

This past weeeknd, I did most of the wiring. Used marine grade wire and marine grade connectors with heatshrink. Probably overkill but I'm sure the wires will last a long time. I also replaced the taillights and installed a new 7 pin connector to plug into my truck.

trailer moved next to the boat

steel line to fish wires through the frame

electrical tape only used to cover the center of the 3-way

blue wires for the brakes

new taillights from Harbor Frieght. nice bight LEDs

junction box wired up. color coded fairly well

7 pin connector with plastic cover over the wires.

left over supplies

Wiring job itself probably isn't the greatest but I was able to get it done enough to test out the turn signal/brake lights. I still need to wire in the breakaway kit and adjust the brakes. Otherwise, it's pretty much ready to go.