Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Boat Owner!

Here it is! My first sailboat.

1981 Nor'sea 27 Hull #170 named Rhapsody.

Other information about the Nor'sea can be found at the Nor'sea Yachts website.

While on the Yahoo group for the Nor'sea 27 researching for more info, I just happened to see a post of a boat for sale. It was about to be transported from Arizona to Tennessee about the same time I was moving to Tennessee from Germany. The picture above is where the owner parked it after the trip.

It needs some cleaning up and a few projects here and there but she's a beauty. I couldn't fit the trailer in my driveway so I have a place for Rhapsody in a storage place near my house so I can do some work along the way. There's a couple marinas about an hour away that I asked about storage and slips and told there was no storage and slips were full.

The last house I bought was in North Carolina and it needed some work. Along the way, I did a bunch of before and after pictures as I did projects. I plan to do the same with Rhapsody by posting ideas, pictures of planned work, in-progress and finished.

I would appreciate any comments along the way and advice as well.

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  1. Man, you really picked a good boat for a first time boat owner. That is just a beauty. It looks like your site has a lot of good information for people outfitting and repairing their boats. I'd be glad to link to your site through our blog roll.
    I love those Nor'seas. I wish we could feel comfortable sailing a boat that small with two of us (plus the occasional adult child). They are really fine boats.