Friday, April 20, 2012

Bilge Pump

Did a little bit of work at the boat today. Recently, I took a look at the bilge to see how it looked. I saw there was some nasty looking water down there. The last few trips, I put some fresh water down there to build up enough for the bilge pump to take care of.

Since the batteries were dead, I pulled my truck around and connected jumper cables to the boat. The bilge pump seemed to work fine... but no water was coming out. Looking down into the bilge, I could see the water churning around. I looked at the hoses and lightly pulled one and realized it wasn't attached to anything. I traced the hose around to see where it came from or where it went and it eventually ended up going to a seacock. It took me a moment to realize this was supposed to be connected to the electric pump. Since I did have enough water for the manual pump, I decided to give that a try and eventually, some of the water came out.

Here, you can see the thick white hose. This goes to the manual pump. The thin hose, that's supposed to be white, next to the sea cock on the left is the one that's supposed to be connected to the electric pump.

So, this will end up being another project getting the hose attached to the electric pump. I guess it's good news knowing the manual pump is working.

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