Friday, April 20, 2012

Yanmar 2GM

Taking a look at the engine, it physically looks pretty good. I'll eventually need to learn engines and engine repair, just in case. Here's a few pictures of how everything looks.

I happened to find a maintenance book from a previous owner. There is some good logs of when oil was checked/replaced, when things like filters and belts were replaced and engine hours of when work was done and other maintenance along the way. It'll be good reference to see what might need to be worked on once I get to this point.

UPDATE 27 April 2012

Additional pictures around the engine.

This is the water pump. I plan to check the impeller to see its condition.

A couple filters.

Back side of the instrument panel.

Looking for the starboard quarter berth access panel. Not the easiest place to get to the oil dipstick. There isn't much room to move around.

Overall the engine looks to be in good condition. there are a few places where the hoses are at, like to the impeller that shows water has corroded a little bit of the parts. Also the shaft, where just before it goes through the hull to the propeller is also showing signs of corrosion.


  1. I see your water pump has a SpeedSeal cover. Remember to thank the previous owner for that. It's about an $80 upgrade but will make checking and changing impellers SO much easier when space and access are tight.

    1. Thanks. I wasn't sure what it was called. It is nice to get the plate off quickly.