Saturday, November 3, 2012

Almost Travel Ready

Today I was switching out the tires on the trailer. The owner/manager of the storage lot stopped by to take a look at what I was doing. He looked at the trailer fender all rolled up from the previous tire that had the tread peel off and ruined it. He happened to have an angle grinder and cut off the part of the fender that was rolled onto itself. You can see what the ruined part looked like in this post. As of today, there's still a couple tires I need to switch out that I can do later. The boat/trailer isn't moving just yet.

Part of the time I was working at the boat, I was putting the standing rigging that I replaced on the mast. Once everything was back on the mast, I went to the store and got some plastic wrapping. I wrapped up the rigging and lines to the mast then tied the mast higher on the trailer like it was when I bought the boat.

I also cleaned up the last piece of handrail from the top side. I bought some teak cleaner and brightener. I thought it might get the handrail to look better than the other pieces I did so far. It's hard to tell if it was working when the wood was still wet. I used the cleaner then brightener and did fresh water rinse after each part. I thought it was looking good but still hard to tell.

These next pictures show how the handrail looked once it was drying off. Now, it does look a lot better than before. I think tomorrow might be the day I start putting varnish on this piece. I'm thinking I'll be able to notice the difference in the wood once the varnish is applied. So far, it looks pretty good. Overall, everything seems to be working out pretty good. The boat/trailer is closer to getting ready to travel. I've had a few people at work express an interest in going out on the boat once it's in the water.


  1. Doesn't cleaning make an amazing difference? You don't really get to see it until the wood dries and you oil or varnish it. Beautiful boat:D

    1. Cleaning really does make a big difference. I saw a big difference when I cleaned up the inside of the boat from it being infested with bees (see earlier post). Every little bit is an improvement. :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Are you going to try to get the bolts to screw up through the cabin top and tapped right into the nuts held captive in the existing rails? You might want to give one a try before you get so far with refinishing that you find you need to pull the bungs.

    I am not saying it won't work, but it may be a 2-person job. I had some difficulty hitting wood screw tapped holes accurately, let alone threaded nuts.

    Good luck!


    1. I had considered taking them all out but thought I could give it a try. I'm sure it may not be easy. Still plenty of work just on these handrails alone.