Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Paint idea

I received the trailer tires. I am going to have a busy weekend switching them out with the ones on the trailer.

I was thinking of an idea that I thought about before. Much of the storage spaces are painted a yellow color. I have been thinking that after Rhapsody is in the water, one of my projects would be to repaint the storage compartments to white. Although the spaces are not seen while everything is closed up but I was thinking it could be good to make everything a little brighter. I was thinking of using white Bilgekote or something else. I've read elsewhere that the main hardware stores carry one part polyurethane that could work on boats just as well as "marine brand" or other places might have an epoxy based paint that might work. I will have to look into what else is out there, no hurry on this.

The spaces I am considering painting is, the sail locker, under and behind the forward seating spaces, under the floor boards, the galley cabinets and the space the batteries are stored. This is just an idea I have and may not get to it for quite a while, if I do it at all, but I thought it would look better than the yellow.

Here are some pictures of what I'm talking about.

Maybe even painting the seats themselves would brighten things up. Of course, the cusions will be covering everything anyway so, still, not a priority.


  1. My Tanzer was painted in grey bilge coat. I think that's the way to go with the high probability of getting mildew from time to time whenever you cruise and have to keep all the ports shut.

    White can be a nightmare to keep clean. For some reason the roof of the cabin had nonskid on it ( I kid you not) and cleaning it was a miserable job. Moral: don't paint it white unless it's smooth enough to towel off.



    1. Thanks for the suggestions. Odd that the inside of the cabin had nonskid. Maybe they just did the molds for the cabin/deck in an odd way compared to other manufacturers.

  2. I meant the storage areas and raw interior fiberglass were painted in a semi gloss grey bilge coat.

    And test I did mean the interior roof of the cabin had molded-in nonskid in the gel coat.