Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oil Change

Tonight, I went to the boat for an oil change. I read somewhere that it's good to do an oil change annually or every 50 hrs on the engine. I have a Yanmar 2GM. Watching this video on Youtube was helpful to see how to do this.

Here, you can see the oil fiter with the date of when it was last changed.

The last time I went to West Marine, I got this oil extraction pump. It looked pretty good out the box. The plastic container is hard.

The dip stick is on the side and down low of the engine in a not so easy place to see from the front. Thankfully, there's a removable panel on the sides of the quarterberths to reach it. I put the tube in there and got pumping and it worked out well.

Here you can see the stream of oil going into the container.

Filled up pretty well in about 15-20 min.

Once the oil got into the container, I switched out the oil filter with a Fram PH3593A I picked up at Walmart. Everything seemed to go well. Hopefully the engine will run fine after this.


  1. Hey Dan, I enjoy following your blog and love your is exactly what I am looking for. If you ever get to the point of selling her, please let me have first dibs. In the meanwhile, keep posting!
    -david (duckandsockatcoxdotnet)

  2. David,
    Thanks for your comments and visiting the blog. I don't plan on selling this boat anytime soon. If you're looking for a Nor'sea 27, there's one listed on craigslist that looks to be a very good boat.
    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Did you put the date of the oil change in a paint marker on that filter like it was done last time? =)

    1. Yes,
      I thought it was a pretty good idea so I used a Sharpie marker I had nearby and put the date on the edge.

  4. Great idea with the oil change date on the filter like that. Obviously, it's great to keep paper or electronic records of things like that, but having the date stare you in the face like that is a great backup!

    Funny, I use that same type of oil extractor to change the oil in my car! No draining from the bottom anymore....pump it out from the top.

    Glad I found your blog...look forward to following you.