Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Traveling To New Home

Here's a picture of the truck with the boat ready to tow back home with me.

Everything rides very nicely. It was going well until I was on the road for about 20 minutes then something happened. The trailer and truck were shaking pretty badly, I looked in the rear-view mirror to the sight of what looked like pieces of rubber flying about. My first thought was, "Great! I blew a tire". Well, a tire didn't blow but it did cause a bit of an issue.
Here's the sight was greeted with.

It was the far back tire. What I'm thinking is the tread on the tire was falling apart and caught on the trailer fender and pulled it down with it. I couldn't pull the metal out of there like this. Since I had to change out the tire, I took that back one off and used a spare I had on hand.

A couple views after removing the tire.

As you can see, the metal rolled and folded under itself. Thankfully, After the tire was removed, I was able to pull the fender back up out of the way so I could put the spare tire on and continue my trip.

Here, this photo shows the spare tire and how I pushed the fender out of the way.

And finally, here it is, tucked away where I can get it cleaned up and do what work I can until I'm able to put it in the water.

With all the shaking that was going on when this incident happened, I can see how sturdy the Nor'sea 27 can be. The boat itself looks pretty good and I am looking forward to getting Rhapsody looking her best.

Thanks for visiting,


  1. Daniel,
    Congratulations on owning Rhapsody.

    When a tire goes flat on a multi-axle trailer and continues to spin at highway speed, it will often disintegrate. As it disintegrates, it can cause a bit of damage. That's why you see so many tire parts from tractor-trailer rigs on the highway.

    A triple axle trailer and a Norsea is a bit over engineered...until you need it. I have towed mine on a dual axle EZ Loader from coast to coast and up and down the east coast since '88, so far without incident. Thanks for sharing your experience. I look forward to your subsequent posts here and on the forum.

    All the best,
    Will Frye
    S/V Tensie Mae #70

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  3. Thank you for visiting, William.