Friday, January 13, 2017

Nav Desk Panel

In a previous post, I showed a little breaker panel that I ordered from Front Panel Express. I wanted to place it under the nav desk where an old car stereo was located, that I had already removed. Last weekend and today, I cut the hole a little larger to accommodate the breakers. When I tested the fit, everything worked out fine. Plenty of space. I only have two breakers for now, but will get others another time. The only other thing I need to do at this point is to screw it down to the cabinetry and wire up the VHF above the nav desk.

Small project, but the recent cold weather keeps me from doing other major work. A small step forward, but it's still progress

the small holes on either side were from the old car stereo


  1. You've got some good cabinetry on the Nor'sea. I managed to get my existing panel functioning--so I'm at level 0 at this time. Perhaps after I've conquered a few other items I'll move toward updating it. I'm using my label maker to identify re-assignments on my panel. Frankly, with my level of electrical expertise, I'm lucky to have my lights working!

    1. I have a label maker too and working to decipher the labels that is written on what looks like medical tape on the inside of the electrical space.
      Take your time, your electrical will turn out fine. :-)