Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Galley Hose

Short post.

I did some cleaning up inside the boat this past weekend. Since I wanted to replace the flat-head screws on the side paneling, like I did in the forward salon/v-berth area, I cleared out the port quarterberth and removed some screws. While I was at it, I added some of the same insulating material. Only able to do a couple parts as I ran out of what I had on hand. At the same time, I replaced a hose that went from the fresh water tank below the quarterberth to above it. I think it's for venting and to keep from the tank from being damaged from a vacuum when being used. The hose was a bit disgusting inside and it was sticky all around. I think something left over from when the boat was infested with bees.

close up of old hose

old hose in the trash

New hose in place along with some insulating material
Lastly, I got a small tube of Sikaflex 291 that was used to bed down the seacock. Once this was done, I attached a small piece of 1-1/4" ID hose. I closed the seacock, put some water in the sink until it came to the drain and waited. No loss of water, no leaks. Job well done! Still need to put the thru-hull on, but thinking to wait until I do some work on the bottom.

the other seacocks are waiting to be installed for the cockpit drains

In the meantime, I'm making plans for making an order of electrical supplies (wire, terminals) and waiting for it to warm up so I can continue on other projects. Sometimes, these small projects make a big difference in between the major projects.


  1. Dan, I've got a similar setup for my fresh water tank in the v-berth with the venting tube. I've been searching however for some sort of washing element that can help remove the "sand" of the inside of the metal tank. I don't think this water is a preferred drinking source these days as bottled water is so preferred by many. Even on my large Beneteau nobody drank the internal tank water LOL, they all preferred bottled water which came from the fridge!!

    Do you have any ideas about cleaning out the tank however??

    1. I intend to clean out my tanks and use them. I have a Pur filter that will attach to the faucet. A new one. There was another one from the PO but it was clogged with other "deposits" and didn't want to trust it. So with that, I'll replace the feed hoses going from the tank to the faucet. There's debris in the hoses too.

      my fresh water tanks are plastic. Any holes in the tank are a bit small, the largest being about 2 inches at the top. Not much for inspecting. Myself and a few others on the Nor'sea owners group mentioned this and talked about installing a Beckson Inspection port with a clear top. It would require a 6" hole cut to the top of the tank. It was also recommended to use a neoprene gasket rather than relying on just silicone to seal it to the tank. Or as another person put it "magic goo".

      I have the Beckson plates and a thin piece of neoprene but haven't installed it yet. Having a 6" hole in the tank would help reach into the tank to scrub it out.

      So long as it's treated and filtered, it shouldn't be a problem drinking from the tank. Although, whether the wife drinks from the tap would be another task to work on.

      Something like this is what I have, waiting to be installed.|6880|2290180|2290183&id=47563

      Since you say you have a metal tank, do you not have an inspection port in it already? Maybe you could install one. Maybe look into access ports as an idea/starting point.