Monday, September 2, 2013

The Nina and Pinta

Over the past month, I was away for work. I got back during the weekend and spent some time at the marina on the boat.

I did some cleaning on the boat. I scrubbed the blue strip on the hull and it looks so much better now instead of a chalky look. I also scrubbed the cockpit as that was looking pretty bad too. I hope to do some more of the deck itself but that will come later. I also raised the main sail and evicted a bunch of spiders and wasps. While down below, there was one that flew in and was starting to make a new home and I pulled out the vacuum and after a couple attempts, sucked him in. With the amount of mud clumps I found around the boat, you can be sure I'm going through everything when it gets colder to make sure they're gone. I need to come up with a way to keep them from getting in.

Visiting the marina are two ships, replicas of The Nina and Pinta, the ships Christopher Columbus sailed to find the Indies. The ships are part of The Columbus Foundation. The site about the ships can be found here:

They were built in Brazil and some pictures of the build can be found on their site. It was interesting to see these ships. I think most of the people working on the ships are volunteers but there was at least one guy who have been a part of these ships for the past 21yrs, at least for one ship, the other was completed in 2005. I told one of the guys that I expected the ships to be much larger and he said many people say the same thing. I guess it's because these were considered merchant ships and not for long ocean voyages.

Anyway, here is a bunch of photos I took with a GoPro.

That thing with holes is the windlass

They say this smaller boat was made by a 14 yr. old

That's a big tiller


  1. Very interesting vessel indeed. What port is that in the photos?

    1. This is Green Turtle Bay Marina in Grand Rivers, KY.