Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I'm visiting Northern Virginia and decided to go to Annapolis, MD. I plan on going to the sailboat show (Oct 10-14) for a day or two so I thought I would drive over and see what it was like there before the show and crowds. It's a pretty nice area. I parked right by the Harbormaster office building and walked around for a couple hours. I like the old town feel of the area immediately in the area the show will be.

I took a few pictures of the area from my walk. Not much but I do plan to visit again.

For lunch, I stopped at the Market House that's next to the city dock and had a falafel sandwich that was pretty good.
It was nice looking out at the mooring field and seeing all the boats in the area. Walking on the city dock area, I saw a boat with a French flag and a Canadian flag flying from a couple boats and just thought of all the travels they must have had in the past.
I'm looking forward to visiting again. Not just for the boat show but also to walk around town some more.

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