Saturday, May 18, 2013

Seacock Project - Complete

Today was a good day.

I found out that the carpet pieces are attached with Velcro strips. I was thinking to change them out sometime so this might be easier than I expected. This project can wait but I can still look and see what's available.

I continued the work on the water strainer. I attached the fittings to the strainer then the hoses. Since I ordered 2ft of 1/2" hose, I had to cut it down. I attached it to the pump on the engine first then ran it to the strainer for measurement.

When I attached the 3/4" hose, I filled the reservoir of the strainer with water to prime it, then got a bucket full of water and ran it through the engine. Engine started up right away and sounded quite nice.

I then cleaned up the thru-hull and flange base of the seacock. I marked off the area around the fiberglass base with tape. I used Sikaflex 291 for the base and the thru hull.

The following is pictures of the work.
Once the thru-hull and the seacock was mounted, I attached the hose with two new hose clamps. All the hose clamps I used were new. On the 3/4" hose, I used two on the seacock and the strainer input and on the 1/2" side, I used one on the strainer output and one on the raw water pump.
I'm happy this project is finally completed. I really hope everything holds together when getting the boat in the water.  This was an important project. I learned a lot about this project along the way and feels good to finally be done with it.


  1. That has got to be a great feeling having a shiny new seacock in place. Are you going to bond them? We skipped bonding (actually removed old bonding).

    1. New seacock and new strainer is very nice. I was thinking of bonding but looking at a recent discussion, of whether to bond or not, it seemed like things work just fine without it so I'm looking at leaving it alone.

      This is what I was looking at:

    2. Yeah, I've read many discussions like that.

  2. Here's a really detailed and interesting article about corrosion, and starting on page seven, the pros and cons of bonding. It's from a newsletter about metal boats, but the author talks about all the different hull materials equally: