Saturday, May 4, 2013

Impeller Installed

I installed the new impeller I bought at West Marine.
I used the lubricant that came with the impeller and coated it and the pump housing. I installed the Speedseal cover with the thumb screws but used a pair of needle nose pliers to tighten. At first it wasn't pumping and leaked a lot so I had to keep tightening the screws for the cover. I got it pumping water again. The engine started right up quickly on the first try and the additional times when testing the pump. I'm hoping it will continue to function throughout this sailing season.
I put the camera behind the pump to get a shot of it. I wanted to see that I had the fins on the impeller were facing the correct direction. Looks like it will need a good cleaning. At some point, I'll take the pump off of the engine and give it a good scrub. Since it looks like it might take a while to do, I may wait until after this season to work on it. It will definitely be worth cleaning up since new ones are pretty expensive. This is why it's important to do regular maintenance to keep things in working order.

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