Saturday, May 11, 2013

Project Touchups

Today was a busy day. The weather was nice and cool since some rain came through the last couple days. It's been mostly cloudy today but the sun is finally showing up in the afternoon.

I started off the day working on installing a new water strainer. I bought a Groco ARG-500 from Hopkins-Carter and it got here pretty quickly. I ordered fittings for it from another source and waiting for those to come in a couple days. Then at that time, I'll add the fittings and get some hose to go with it. I had to take off the little one that was already there. I cut the hose going to the water pump, then unscrewed the bracket behind the strainer.

Up close, you can see that someone used to be able to see through this.

Here's a size comparison between the old and new strainers.

First attempt at mounting the filter, It looked like it might interfere with part of the engine... I moved it down a little in hopes it will be clear of any engine shaking/vibration.

And the mount itself.

After installing the strainer, I used a dremel to grind out the threads from the epoxy when I installed the base for the new seacock. I wanted to get the thru-hull to go through and thread only into the flange base. I didn't get any pictures of this process. Since there was a lot of dust associated with this, I used the shop-vac at the same time which really helped to keep things cleaned up.

I used the little shop-vac to do some general cleanup around the boat. I also vacuumed some loose debris in the head. I vacuumed up the storage spaces around the salon/seating area. I decided to show just how much storage space there is in the Nor'sea. The white card I placed is the size of a credit card, so you can get an idea of the space available. The same space is available on both sides.

When I cleaned up to the forward storage locker, I took the sails out and decided to take the rope and chain out of it too. I only measured the chain and I planed on measuring the rope too but didn't do it just yet.

I lowered the anchor to the ground so I could stretch it out for measurement. It turns out that there is 140' of chain in this pile.

I went to a hardware store and bought some bright orange and yellow spray paint. While there are marks on the chain, I wanted to put new ones on that were a little brighter. I put the orange marks at 25', 75', 125' and yellow marks at 50' 100'

I installed the chain back on the boat once the paint dried. I didn't see any attachment points for the chain or rope and looking at installing something to keep the anchor from getting away from me.

When I look around online and see forum posts where people are looking for a boat with a lot of space because of their height, I think that you can't have everything. I'm 6'5" and I can not stand up straight while down below but I can still fit comfortably when I'm laying in a quarterberth or when the salon is converted to sleeping space. I don't feel at all cramped in my boat. I've now been in every part of my boat and don't really have any problem reaching into any part of it. Now to show that I've been IN every part of my boat, here I am sitting in the sail/anchor locker. :-)


  1. Groco is a great brand. I just installed one last week as well. All that is left of me is to ground it. I'm envious of how roomy your chain locker is.


    1. DanMay 11, 2013 at 7:39 PM

      I was looking at the grounding too around the boat. There's some spots that are not connected. I might redo the grounding on all the seacocks/valves so it's another thing on the shopping list.

      I'm surprised at how much storage there is on the boat. I'm not sure, but I think other boats this size may not have this much storage capacity.

  2. Its also nice that you can get replacement sight-glasses and strainers 10 years after buying the product! Looking good, keep it up!