Sunday, January 20, 2013

REFIT Plan: Introduction

Right now, I'm planning on a refit of Rhapsody. Several posts following this one will hopefully explain some of the projects I have planned during this refit. They will start with "REFIT Plan" just as it does in the title of this post. I'll look for ideas along the way with research and likely receive some advice too before I actually get to work on them so some plans may change along the way. As I work on these projects, I'll post the progress and results.

This boat is over 30 years old and hopefully some of this will allow the boat to last even longer.

While I am still looking at using the boat this year, I found out that I will be going on a trip overseas for work in 2014. During that trip, I expect to have the boat out of the water and not long afterwards to start on a longer refit which is what I'm referring to in this post. So the main refit projects will likely start in 2015.

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