Wednesday, October 24, 2018

a couple updates

I've been in and out of town lately.

Went to Sacremento for a week for visiting wife's family, then not long after, we were in Vancouver, B.C. to visit more of wife's family, then we were near Long Beach, CA for a wife's work trip for a month.

Trying to get back into working on Rhapsody. At least since returning from the latest trip, I have mounted the AIS transponder under the nav desk. Now, I think I just need to find a splitter to share the masthead antenna or route a cable for a new dedicated antenna for it, but not necessarily on the mast. Testing it at ground level, in the truck while sitting in the marina, it gets pretty good reception and signal does get out just fine.

and that little red board is just a bluetooth audio amp that I connect with my phone to listen to some music while I work.

I have also been installing some insulating material in the starboard side quarterberth. That uses up the material I had on hand and frees up a little space I have on the boat. Still a little more to do but it's coming along.


  1. Dan, it's good to see you getting productive again! Did your Nor'Sea already have those interior hull strips or did you locate a source for them. I need to find some for my Alberg.

    1. Hi Bill. How are things going for you?
      Trying to stay productive on the boat. I just looked and saw I only had a few blog posts, but like sanding/scraping the bottom paint, how many times can I post about the same thing? The strips on the hull were already there. For the most part, the wiring and a couple hoses run behind the slats back there. In this quarterberth, half way up (that's still covered in the pictures, the lines for the fridge unit run along there, hidden out of the way. I had to run that insulating material from the top AND bottom to get good coverage. Still need to replace the vent hose in that uninsulated part, then I can put things back together.

      Yesterday, it had stopped raining a little so I took off the hardware that's used to close the cockpit lockers and bedded them with Life Caulk. Then a couple holes were filled with thickened epoxy. Hopefully that will help prevent some leaks. Just thinking now, I probably could have bedded the hinges too. Oh well, something to do next visit. :)

  2. I returned from Italy and resourced my fir strips locally. Used polyurethane sealant on front and back and threw them up in place of the pegboard ca. 1977.

    Results are already stunning, a sort of impact between teak and fir down below. I found the teak mounting pieces behind the pegboard old but somewhat reliable, still strong. One or two separated from the glue which I reput before mounting boards upon. All in all am pretty stoked about the change. Returning soon to Italy so have to work fast.