Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Engine Cleanup

Just to show that I haven't given up on the engine at this time. More cleaning up needed. Instead of a bunch of smaller blog posts, I wanted to do one big one for this project, that is still on-going. So here's a video showing a bit of what I've been doing. I've completed the head but didn't show that as I wanted to wait until the main post with the completed engine, and hopefully running too.


  1. Wow. Very cool. Thats a hardcore teardown! Any ideas on the cracked piston? Perhaps the previous owner really ran it hard?

    1. Not sure about this engine being run very hard, or at least for a long time. This engine only had 730hrs or so and this much I'm rebuilding really is needed. The exhaust pistons were clogged with carbon, valves not seated well at all and cooling passages were blocked. Others on the Nor'sea owners group mention that this engine was neglected and abused. With everything I've seen on this, I'd have to agree.

      It could be that the engine was ran hard, but after the damage, to everything else, has already been done. More will be showed when I finish up and post everything in an updated post.

      Thanks for checking in.

  2. Wow Dan, you're in deep with that Yanmar. My hat's off to you. Do you have engine rebuilding in your military repertoire?

    1. Pretty much had to go deep in this. Once I started taking things off, more problems were revealed and more disassembly was required.

      Never rebuilt an engine before, but the military aptitude tests did show I was very mechanically inclined. I think I'd have to agree. My military experience was more communications related.

      Side story, during one deployment, a guy on my team had finished cleaning up a M-19 grenade launcher. He wasn't sure how to put all the pieces back together so went to find the armorer. In the hour it took for him to come back, I was able to put it back together, having never seen it in pieces before. Sometimes, mechanical things can make sense on how they work. "This looks like it goes here, and this looks like it goes here.... " and done.

      For the Yanmar, I have pieces laying around that I would hope to get back together in the right places. I have a workshop manual and a parts catalog with exploded views showing how the parts go together on the engine. They have been very helpful.

      Thanks for stopping by.