Saturday, November 21, 2015

Slow Work Day

Slow day this weekend. Not a whole lot of work on the boat. I spent more time chatting with a couple other guys who are about to head out on their boats down the ICW to Florida. Not really with the snow bird crowds but moving there.

I did some measuring of hoses to see what I may need. The cockpit drains have a white plastic hose that I'm thinking to replace with rubber wet exhaust hose. My reason is that the hose clamps can get better compression onto the seacocks. Speaking of which, I found out one of the seacocks has worked loose due to the wood backing plate getting soft. Good thing they're getting replaced anyway. The only other work I did was to drill out a couple small holes on the deck that had failed patches and filled them in with thickened epoxy. I also had a quick look at placement of the access ports for the water tanks.

Safe travels to all these coming weeks.


  1. Looking good...Progress is progress! look forward to the seacock install photo, mine have wood backings too and I have been thinking about how to approach changing them. My boat got all now marlon seacocks and thru-hull in 2008 by the previous owner. they all stull work and look good. Right now I am in the decision stage of swapping them out for bronze...

    1. I replaced the raw water seacock a couple years ago. This post might help you.

      at least plans and observations for future work counts. I hear some people like Marlon but didn't want to go that route myself.

    2. I don't have experience with Marelon seacocks, but this read might be interesting to you:

    3. Good post. Good thing I already have Groco seacocks in mind, and in hand. I already have replacements for the four cockpit drains and the galley drain. Most of the fiberglass backers are cut out.

      It's a slow work in progress, but still progress. :-)

    4. I currently have newer Marelon seacocks and thru hulls, new in 2008....everytime I more one that handle feels as though its gonna break off in my hand....but so far they have held up

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