Saturday, November 14, 2015

Got The Shaft

The two set screws on the sides of the shaft coupling were removed but the shaft would still not move. I decided to remove the bolts holding it to the transmission. Once I did that, the key was tapped out lightly and it all came apart easily. I used a bucket to keep the tiller to one side so the shaft wouldn't hit, then pulled it out. There were some smooth marks on the shaft from the stuffing box and the cutlass bearing. The area inside the stuffing hose had what looked like a build up of calcium deposits that I had to knock off with a rock as I was scrubbing it clean. The stuffing hose wasn't easy to get off. No idea how long that was there. Found out the old hose was wire-wound. I had to get it off, piece by piece. From what I've seen online, there is a right hose and wrong hose. I think this would qualify as the wrong hose to use. According to the information on this page from Compass Marine, this hose is too thin and it's not supposed to be wire-wound. I measured, with calipers, the stuffing box fittings at around 1 3/4" and the part attached to the boat was closer to 2". As of right now, I'm looking at getting a Buck Algonquin stuffing hose as replacement. A 1 3/4" hose is just under $20. The old hose was 7" long while it looks like a replacement would be 4 1/2". Since the stuffing box packing nuts are pretty green, I'm going to soak them in some vinegar to get the corrosion off and clean up with a wire brush. I didn't get a closer look at the cutlass bearing but I can do that the next visit. What I saw before, it looked to be in need of replacement too.

Leverage in a small space

coupling with shaft key. thought it was rust, but it's red paint

packing nut

keeping rudder out of the way of the shaft

calcium deposits

Clean shaft.

removed, piece by piece

wrong kind, it seems

too thin

I think sealant (white part) was used before. Some was on the old hose.

Until next time.


  1. Looks like you are digging in now! Are you planning any major changes or just rejuvenating?

    1. Not really major changes. For this part, just going to update the stuffing hose.

      Later, will eventually replace the thru-hulls, a couple which are leaking) with good seacocks. All of this is working towards getting to the fuel tank under the engine for replacement.

      (deleted your double post)

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  3. Hi Dan

    Is that key from the propeller end or is there one in the coupling, too? Did you pull the shaft into or out of the boat? My coupling is putting up a good fight!

    1. The key in this picture is from the coupling, so one on each end.

      Since the engine is still in place, I disconnected the coupling and pulled the shaft out of the boat. Thankfully, my coupling came off fairly easy.

  4. Good to see you back at work on her. Hope your cutlass bearing comes out as easy as mine did.

    Looking good.

  5. I'm going to use the Buck Algonquin stuffing box assembly for the A30. The price isn't too bad, and it looks like a good product. It looks like I'm also going to be in for a new SS shaft. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep the prop! Nice progress you're making.

    1. Thanks for the compliment.

      I had someone suggest wet exhaust hose for the stuffing box and was starting to consider it. The Buck Algonquin type is only 4.5" long whereas the one I just took off was 7" long. But, since I tend to try doing things the right way, I might as well try the BA hose first.