Sunday, January 18, 2015

Head Lighting

Got a quick project done today with the LED strip lighting that I recently bought. I wired up the vent fan to the Airhead, spliced with the existing lighting that was already in place from the old lighting. I also installed a switch that can go between white and red LEDs. The reason I did this was so if at night, red could be used so the light wouldn't mess with night vision or if having to use the head at night, I wouldn't be blinded by the white light. The white is non-waterproof and the red is waterproof. I didn't get them for their resistance to water, mainly got them for the colors.

The project turned out pretty good. I'm looking at using the white lighting in the engine space too. wearing a head lamp gets annoying and it still isn't bright enough much of the time.

old light wasn't so bright

This time, instead of filling this post with a bunch of pictures, I decided to try a video instead. It's a little longer than I was hoping for. Much of it was talking out the plans of what I was going to do. If you want to see what the results were, just skip to 21:15.

Decided to show what it was that I got for this project if anyone is curious.

From Amazon:
White LED Strip
Red LED Strip (Waterproof)
LED Strip Connectors

Precision Equipment:
Recessed Toggle Guard
SPDT On-Off-On Toggle

Marine Grade Wire from Genuine Dealz
Red and Black wires were 16 guage, 12ft long.

Comments, Questions, and Suggestions are welcome. :-)

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