Friday, March 8, 2013

REFIT Plan: Canvas

I've been looking at the fabric on the boat and see that it is well worn and in some places, frayed too. Since many boats use Sunbrella brand fabrics on their boat, what I have appears to be Pacific Blue which seems to be a pretty popular color considering so many boats have it.

Forward Hatch Cover

Tiller Cover

What I've been looking at lately is to change out my fabrics on the exterior to Sunbrella's Linen color. It's a nice tan that will really lighten the deck space.

What to change.

Well, the forward hatch, shown in the picture above would be replaced, along with the mainsail cover, winch covers, tiller cover and looking to add covers for the deck handrails to protect the recent varnish work. There's also a dodger, which I haven't seen yet as it's stored in the head and just haven't pulled it out yet. I'm also looking to someday have a full boat cover.

Down below, the cushion fabrics, while decent condition, look to be a bit dated. I'm also looking at using a lighter color, whether linen like on deck or patterned, it's something I'll look into when I get to that project. I'd really like for everything below to match. I might change out the foam too which currently has a yellow foam with white batten.

The red cushions are for the quarterberths

How to do it.

Many people look at getting new fabrics and go to a professional. Personally, I like trying to figure things out on my own. I like the idea of learning all the systems on my boat and will help me when maintaining everything too. I've been looking around on Cruisers Forum and Sailnet to get ideas on sewing machines. I decided to get a LSZ-1 along with some accessories from Sailrite. I like the features of the machine and that it can also be used manually when power may not be available. What's really nice about Sailrite is that they have many how-to videos on their website. They will be helpful when learning sewing techniques and ideas for projects.

Another source I'll have for ideas will also come from a Sewing Group on Cruisers Forum. It's just getting started and will keep growing as interest continues.

While this will be part of my refit I hope to start in a few years, I may still do a few projects in the meantime.

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