Saturday, October 20, 2012

Clean up day

Today was a busy day.
I went to Rhapsody and did some cleaning up. Overall, I spent 4 hours at the boat.
I bought a 1000 watt inverter that I connected to the truck battery. I also bought a small 1.5 gallon shop-vac. Together, I cleaned up the inside of the boat.

Here's another video cleaning up other areas on the boat.

I decided to take a video of what it was like for someone my size of 6'5" tall to lay down in a quarterberth of a Nor'sea.

Afterwards, I came back to the house and started some work on putting some varnish on another piece of the port handrail. It's a first coat but it still looks pretty good to me. Hopefully, someday, I can get all the exerior wood to look as nice.

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