Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Main Halyards

Worked on some line for halyards. Needed eye splices and whipping twine to finish things up. I had bought 180ft of New England Ropes VPC at 3/8" that I intended to make two halyards from. I put an eye splice on each end, then when laying it out, cut it in half and then cleaned up the ends. Now have main halyards installed and jib halyards ready to go. I'll use all four sheeves at the mast head.

cut/burned the ends

main halyards installed

before whipping twine
I also installed the outhaul setup I put together into the boom. I'm thinking I may have to redo a little bit of it, but otherwise, it seems good so far. I'll have to see how it works out once the mast is up on the boat.

Weather got cold again so anything else I'm doing on the boat will be on hold or very slow moving. Sure hope it warms up soon so I can get back to work on major projects.


  1. Love the yellow mast! One of my favorite colors and on a boat that will bring soo much character to the Nor'sea.

    1. Thanks Bill.
      I'm really looking forward to seeing the stick in the air. I've seen pictures of yellow masts on a Nor'sea and Bristol Channel Cutter and I really liked the look of them. I'm sure Rhapsody will get plenty of looks as it is, but the mast will keep her recognizable.

  2. Hey! Love the spar color! Are you local to the Chesapeake now? we should raft up!

    1. Thanks Lee.
      My boat is in Deale, MD for the refit. Still have plenty to work on before I'm able to launch. I'm sure I'll have plenty of lookers when they see this boat passing by.

      Where on the Chesapeake are you? What do you sail? Hope to see you and anyone else out on the water some day.

    2. I've got a Tayana 37 with a federal yellow mast! we're in Baltimore at the moment

    3. Tayana is a beautiful boat.

      When I told the rigger who worked on my mast I wanted Federal Yellow, he was surprised. He joked the painter would charger more for the bright color. But, when it came back, he said it was a good one. I guess most people stick with white, but I wanted something different. I've seen pictures of a few other old boats with a yellow mast and I liked it.