Monday, October 10, 2016

Additional Damage Found

Took the torn tarps down for replacement and found additional damage. The stern rail is bent and part of the toe rail was broken off.

This damage also caused a twist in the stern rail.

I used pieces of the old tarp to cover the corners of the wood frame. I hope it doesn't cause the new tarp to wear out too quickly.

Lowering the vane from the boat wasn't too difficult. A few pieces were wedged together but mainly had to unbolt a few places. I recently made some soft shackles and put them to use with my main sheet setup. I kept tension on everything to keep it all from falling down as I unbolted everything then when ready, lowered the main body of the unit to the ground.

Along with making soft shackles, I made my first eye splice. This will be used on the boom when the mast system is reassembled. Not the prettiest splice but it'll work well. I'll hide the exposed core with whipping twine.

Here's the update to the mast. Sanded down and just need a little bit out of the tracks then it can be sent off to a shop for painting.


  1. Eye splice looks good...I need to learn how to do that.


    1. Thanks.

      It's 3/8" New England Ropes VPC. I used the instructions that came with the Selma Fids I bought, but I think next time I'll go with the instructions in this video.

  2. All fixable. I suppose the aft rail's bend is not that significant in the overall as bending it back won't add value to it. That taff-rail is indeed a blend of scarf joints that is beyond my expertise as I had mine rebuilt by a woodworker on my Typhoon. Unfortunate bit of disaster to your vessel but perhaps not as bad as it could have been.

    1. if that rail wasn't bent and the toe rail piece wasn't broken, I'm thinking I could have taken my time and be able to do the work to that wood in the stern myself. Looks like it went beyond my capabilities.

      Still waiting to hear something from insurance.