Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hand Cranking the Engine

I ran the engine today for the first time since the test start I did immediately after the rebuild. Started right up and I let it run about 15-20 minutes. Out of curiosity, I decided to try out the hand crank since the engine was well warmed up. Started up pretty quickly, but I think it's only because it was warm. I'd hate to see how it would go if the engine was cold.

It's quite a work out trying to start it manually. I had to take breaks between attempts.

After several failed attempts, I was able to start it a second time, and more attempts after. Like I said, it's a work out. Heart beat pretty hard while cranking this engine.

But, I got it working. I was able to get the third start on camera.


  1. Dan, you've done well with that thing! I'm standing by for my delivery and look forward to the journey into the diesel world.

  2. Thanks Bill,
    Diesel engines like this seem to be fairly simple little beasts. At least, I can say that after having done all that work. Being new to it, it can be a little intimidating since the moving parts are considerably bigger. I didn't have much interest in engines before but I am interested in this little diesel.