Saturday, March 12, 2016

Fuel Tank Removed

11 March 2016 and the fuel tank was removed. Found a couple holes on the starboard side of the tank and lots of pitting all over. I was also able to remove most of the foam that was holding it in place.

Decided to show some of the cuts I made during the process of cutting the tank out the previous several weeks.

tank popped a bit when this cut was completed.

stack of foam that held the tank in place

What's left for the scrap metal guy

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  1. Wow, chapeau. You've done great archaeology on that vessel. At least you will know her through and through and have an intimate appreciation of her capabilities. Impressive.

    What sort of replacement tank will you use?

    1. I've been considering fiberglass as I can do layups in the area under the cabin floor. It will also maximize the keel space for fuel storage.