Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bottom Paint Removal

This is yesterday's work. I didn't have time to post but here's what I did. Also realized this is post #100 for this blog.

The last post, I mentioned how it looked like someone had hit the trailer, bending the fender. Well, it looks like it was hit again. Now it's starting to piss me off.

compare this with last fender pic I posted
Still, it doesn't look like it'll affect the use of the trailer.

I arrived around 930am, and went right to work. I have been waiting for good weather to start taking off the bottom paint. Got some protective gear to do the work and very thankful that I had it all too.

I put down some plastic to catch the chips of bottom paint.

I used a durable paint scraper to get the majority of the paint off. Still have a lot of work left to do but it's getting there.

starboard side

starboard side

old repairs on port side near the rudder

port side: repairs needed

more needed repairs

Looking down port side

still have upper parts to remove

rudder will need some work too.
As you can see from the pictures, I'm discovering that there are lots of old repairs and areas in need of repairs. The parts in need of repairs are not really any bigger than a dime. Still, they'll need to be ground out, filled with epoxy and some fairing work needed. For the most part, it looks like the bottom paint was applied over the gelcoat. It doesn't look like bare glass. But the blue was applied over a red paint. Primer maybe? It alternated back and forth so maybe it was just a contrasting color to check coverage. The plan is to get the bottom faired smooth and then I'll use a few coats of barrier coat, like Interlux 2000E.

It's a good thing I got the coveralls. That bottom paint dust gets everywhere. Unfortunately, as soon as I sat down, the paints rode up a bit. I'm 6'5" so not really made for my size. Not only that, the hood didn't stay on my head either so I had a blue neck too. At least the face mask kept anything from flying into my eyes or breathing it in. Very important there too. I used foot covers so that is why my socks look (but not) clean here.

coverall pants rode up a bit
The LED lighting I installed in the head went well but the wires were dangling around so I got some clips that I installed to hold them up and out of the way. There's two clips shown in the pic but two more behind the bulkhead keeping the other wires out of sight.

organized wires
Lastly, I got a couple mounts to hold the hose for the Airhead along with 1" Velcro. The mounts I got is called a Footmans Loop that I bought from Sailrite.

The hose is held nicely in place. I still need to connect the hose to the head itself then it could be useable. I still think this head project turned out well.

Still some bottom paint need to be removed. it wasn't easy crawling around the trailer and working around the keel/mast. The roller are in the way too but I'm still doing what I can.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fixing Leaks

I visited the boat a few times over the last couple of weeks. Mainly it was in an effort to stop some leaking. I've wanted to do some of this for a while anyway. Last time it snowed, it was immediately followed by rain. The snow covered the cockpit drains so the rain that followed had no where to go but through the engine panel, onto the engine and into the bilge. I was not expecting it, nor the bilge full of water. One of the cockpit lockers was full of water too. But, that was quite some time ago. It pushed up the need to seal up the engine panel a little better. So, I put some tape around the engine panel, took it off, put some 4200 around the edges and reinstalled.

Here, you can see the streak on that one bolt where water was making its way past the panel. It was a slow drip but still needed to be stopped.

Unfortunately, the engine is right under that panel. So, any water making its way in, fell on the engine before it went anywhere else. So now I have another issue to take care of. It's not pretty but I need to Stop the engine from rusting any more and repaint/protect it in some way.

I wish that was the only leak I had to worry about but it wasn't. There's more!

The companion way has been leaking a bit too. Since the way the boat is stored, it leans to starboard. Any rain makes its way in and drips on the quarterberth. The cushion is old but still decent condition, and has been getting stained from the constant leaking. So, I dug out what I could of old caulking on the bottom of the companion way and filled the gap with some 4200 in hopes that it will help. Not only that, the starboard side has a bit of a gap with old caulking so I dug that out best I could and filled that with 4200 as well.

old caulking

don't worry, I dug out the caulking and created this hole myself

4200 in place
I'm sure I'll find out soon enough if this effort works out.

But the leaks don't stop there. I decided to feel around with my hands the underside of the cockpit drains and found out that there's some water making its way through them too. Not too bad, but still, enough to notice and again, I don't want anything dripping on the engine making things worse. I still have that left to seal up too.

Last, but certainly not least, the mast step. Yes, that leaks too. But this would be a bit more complicated to fix. First of all, no telling if (or how much) damage to the core there may be. Also, the wires/cable coming through the compression post and mast step on deck are old and in need of replacing. Right now, there's an RF cable (RG-8) and 5 conductor 16ga. wires. I would also like to add a power and network cable for a future radar install for the mast. I'm thinking to run the cables at one time so it's not needed to redo later if/when I want to install the radar. I haven't done it yet, but I want to get a tarp to at least cover the mast step to limit water ingress until I can get the supplies (wire/cable) so I can take care of this project.

these wires are for mast lights, one at spreader and one at mast head

not much space if I plan to add additional wires
bottom of compression post. white wire is for cabin light near top of compression post
Now the leaky parts are mentioned... I saw the LED strips that I installed in the head were not holding up as well as I expected. The double sided tape that is part of the strips were not holding well, especially the red strip. I decided to get some super glue, removed all the double sided tape for the red strip, then glued it into place. I went back a couple days later and saw that it is good and it is not coming out.

The panel that covers the front of the engine panel isn't exactly secured very well. There's a barrel latch at the top of it but it doesn't hold it in place any more. I bought some bronze Perko hooks to hold them in place. (actual bronze hooks instead of the more common chrome plated) I placed one on each side of the access panel. I also placed one on a cabinet that didn't want to stay closed on its own. I had to buy some #6 size bronze screws to go with them and everything went in nicely. I just had to make sure the placement was right in a couple spots otherwise they didn't seem to want to reach. The main reason I went with these was because the couple times I towed the boat, I would get to the destination and the panel would fall out, pushing the companion way steps out of place and I didn't want anything flying around causing more damage to an already older boat. I gotta take care of this old gal. ;-)

Now the worst part I discovered. I did the initial sealing of the companion way a couple weeks ago, the bottom part. This past Thursday, I stopped by the boat and found out someone had hit the trailer, bending the fender. With how it looks, I'm thinking it was a trailer that did it. But what's odd is that it wasn't in one place, but in another part of the same fender, it looks like it was pushed down. It doesn't look like it was so bad as to cause any issues with towing. I did bring it up to a lady working that the storage office but the cameras don't really pick much up. I could pursue this further but I am about to move to Northern Virginia over the next 3-4 weeks so I don't really have a whole lot of time to prepare. Right now, I may just have to push the fender out of the way of one of the tires that's about an inch and a half away.

you can also see the tire was rubbed

So, there it is. This week should be my last week at work, then I have a month off to move all the stuff in the house from TN to VA, find a place for the boat, and move that too. Hopefully there will be a nice day this next weekend (that's being forecasted) so I can work on taking the old bottom paint off before the move.

Until next time.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Many Projects.

Been a while since I posted but this is what I've been up to lately. Winter projects continued but even those were slow going.

I want to expand my battery capacity so I build a battery box to replace the one I had before. I took some 6oz. fiberglass cloth and lined the inside of the box. Still not done yet as I want to cut away a little near the top for the thick battery cables to make their way to the battery terminals. There's a few touch-ups that are still needed but overall, I don't think it's all too bad.

One day, while visiting the boat, I decided to grab the ships bell for cleaning. When I got the boat, the bell wasn't in the best of condition. Before I used Brasso. It made the bell look really good, or so I thought. This time, I was going to use the same thing but decided to use some Collinite Metal Wax. I used this metal wax on the bell and it bought it from dull to a really nice mirror shine.

In a previous post, I mentioned taking the rudder cheeks off the boat to refinish. Right now, they have 5 coats on and a few more before they would go on the boat. I also refreshed the varnish on the tiller too.

I bought a Sailrite sewing machine some time ago but haven't really tried putting it to use. I sewed the ends of a webbing strap that would be used to hold the battery box down once it's on the boat. I also have a buckle that will get sewn onto the webbing too but haven't gone that far yet with it. At the same time I got the sewing machine, I bought a yard of Sunbrella Linen marine grade fabric. I got only a yard so I could practice with it. So I tried making a cover for the forward hatch. I think it turned out pretty good but when I took it to the boat this weekend, it was a very close fit. It could work for now but I think it could be made better.

A week ago, I went to the boat and found out the bilge was full of water. I used the manual bilge pump and got it out of there but thought of how it got there. I opened up the floor boards and opened the panel towards the engine. The engine was very wet. Then I thought of the most recent snow we had that was immediately followed by a lot of rain. So what I think happened is with the snow in the cockpit, the drains were blocked. So, when it rained afterwards, it had no other place to go so it got into the boat through the engine instrument panel. Another reason why I think that is what happened is because one of the cockpit lockers was also full of water, which has never happened before. I had a sponge in there so I soaked up all that water to clean it out. So now, I hope for a dryer boat. To prevent future leaks through the engine panel, I'm going to get some 4200 and seal up around the edges. I was also given a suggestion to move the pull-stop to the inside of the boat. I think I'll take that suggestion. Anytime I pull it from the cockpit, the engine panel lifts up. with that, I'll look for a place I can move it to.

I've started removing some of the bottom paint to get it ready for paint later on down the road. I got the rudder cleaned off for the most part. Found a lot of spots that looked like it was damaged before, possibly from blisters. Needless to say, there's going to be quite a bit of work to fair it out for a smoother look. I also found a spot that is cracked that will need to be filled too. I'm planning to keep the bottom cleaned off until right before I can get the boat back in the water again, which might take some time but at least it would be ready to go.

And the latest is the trailer the boat is on. I found out there's a place for brake fluid. I hadn't thought of it before so I wasn't looking. Well, the reservoir the fluid goes into was empty and dry. I bought a pump to try bleeding the lines but so far hasn't worked out so well.

I'll be moving in the next couple months from Tennessee to Northern Virginia so I have some work to do to make sure the boat is ready to move. I'll travel there first to scout out the area until I find a place where I can move the boat to. Then projects will continue along the way.

So, until next time...